Croisière caraïbes / Caribbean Sailing Trip

Croisière caraïbes

Caribbean Sailing Trip

Union Island main square
Union Island market
Restaurant on Union Island, Wanna eat some shark?!
Union Island Design Gallery

DAY 5: Nice sign!
« To avoid hangover… stay drunk! »
Made in Australia of course! –
Union Island houses…
View on the bay
The whole fruit&vegetable market
Loved the sign « Life is good » yeah man!
Nice hôtel on Union Island
With its own sharks sleeping in front of the bar!
Another amazing hotel!
Short stop for a swim! émoticône wink

DAY 6: Passing through Saint Lucia
New skipper
Some more colourful houses!
Stop at Saint Lucia
Definitely the best way of sailing!
DAY 7: Back in Martinique!
Come on!!!!!!
We had the chance to be so nicely welcomed by Loic’s godmother and her husband!


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